MizkaoZ aka Lotte Liese  “ Dance, control and let go”

Influenced by so many teachers (Sarah Chebaro, Matthias Lauwers, Maya Acid, Tjarda Van straten, Anasma, Hilde Cannoodt, Violet Scrap, Marco Obelixx, Orchidaceae,… and different dance styles (tribal fusion, fusion bellydance, contemporary, popping, house,…) I am finding a way to embody my own.

Passionated photographer, rock climbing addict, improvised cooking and everything about (veggie) food, choc-olate, all alcoholic sparkles, dogs&cats, second hand, hand made, wood & stone, coffee and coconut cream.

As many pillows as possible, chaotic but with a view, dramatic but lazy, not lazy but just a little cazy. Everything that is furry and soft, structure and wild textures.

Dance as a way to stay in control and let go.

Founder and organizer of TribaLeuven: 

Teaching classes and workshops since September 2014

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