Classes in Antwerp


Free try Out Class


  Beginner: 19:00-20:00

Intermediate: 20:00-21:00


We start a new year with a new season of Tribal Fusion Bellydance classes at Antwerp Dollhouse!

Come and have a taste of Tribal Fusion Bellydance!

In Autumn 2020, MizkaoZ and Antwerp Dollhouse organise a 10-week course for beginners and advanced in Antwerp!

The classes are Covid-19 proof, with a maximum of capacity of 8 students. So make sure to register in time!

MizkaoZ will teach her typical style (think body layering) and chose Gitana as theme for this course: inspired by Spanish flamenco dancers with a dash of ATS(c) movement and a lot of hi-work combined with big skirts!



People with no experience or less then 2 years experience.


Dancers with more then 2 years experience, or with a certain body awareness and curious to learn more fast!

Choreo Class

We are working on a concept for an extra class for advanced students!

A choreography class that ultimately results in a dance video, co-created by you!


Antwerp Dollhouse

Lange Nieuwstraat 32



80€ for 10 classes of 1 hour

Price includes assurance.

Choreo Class extra fee: 20€/student


Free try out class  17 September 2020

September: 24

October: 1 – 8 – 15

November: 12 – 19 – 26

December: 3 – 10 – 17

Filming day Choreo Class: Saturday, December 19


Workshops in Leuven




New classes/workshops coming up soon!



Danszaal Squash De Vaart

Kolonel Begaultlaan 15 – 3000 – Leuven



Autumn 2020


Classes in Gent


Buikdansschool TEUTA

Bellydance Summerschool


Bellydance Summerschool at Buikdansschool Teuta!

No More lazy summers!

What to bring

Make sure to bring a bottle of water.
– No need to print your ticket, we have a list with your names on it.

What to wear

Wear comfortable clothes in which you feel good and can move freely. We dance bare foot.

What level am I?

Beginner: Never done bellydance before? Or have less than 1 year experience in (tribal fusion) bellydance? Then the beginner workshops are for you!
– Intermediate/ Advanced: Already have at least 1 or 2 years experience in (tribal fusion) bellydance? Know the basic bellydance moves like mayas, bellyrolls and shimmies? Then the intermediate/ advanced workshops are for you!


The capacity of the body has always been of great interest to Lotte. She is a dancer, rock-climbing addict, devoted yogi and a veggie foodie; elements that refer to a conscious lifestyle. Influenced by different teachers and many diverse dance styles, Lotte is finding a way to embody a style of her own. Exploring her own boundaries within the dance style Tribal Fusion and combining it with the art of Fire Flow, is the perfect gateway for her curiosity! Her life’s motto? Dance as a way to stay in control and let go. Lotte has been teaching classes and workshops since 2014, has been exploring her Fire Flow Art since 2016, and is founder and organizer of the Tribal Fusion Festival in Leuven: “TribaLeuven”. 


Beginner: 18:30

Advanced: 20:00


Buikdansschool TEUTA

Planeet Mars

Land Van Waasland 78



Ticket sale starts Monday June 22 at 20:00

  • Beginner Workshop: 19€. Or follow all 9 beginner workshops and pay only 149€
  • Intermediate/Advanced Workshop: 29€. Or follow all 9 intermediate/advanced workshops and pay only 229€



Join all workshops, or pick your favourites:

15/07: Belly Burlesque

22/07: Queen of Slink – The Power of the Snake

29/07: Inner Muse Bellydance

05/08: Sensual Bellydance

12/08: Flamenco Fusion

19/09: Good Vibes Bellydance

26/08: Queen of the Damned – Zombie Proof Bellydance

02/09: Warrior Fan Bellydance

09/09: Goddess Fan Bellydance



Queen of the Slink – Power of the Snake

June 27

Queen of the Damned – Zombie Proof Bellydance

August 26

Looking to achieve that ultimate slinky tribal fusion bellydancer look? In this workshop we will dive into slow movement, and explore the full potential of our bellydancing body. Yoga and pilates are used to build up a strong foundation: gaining strength in the whole body, flexibilty in the upper body, and better body awareness.

Beginner workshop (18.30-19.45)

Discover the slow snake-like belly dance moves, and learn how to liquify your movement. Grounding ourselves to become slow, controlled, and smooth, we will work on fluidity, slow movements, beautiful flowing poses and sensual undulations.

Intermediate/ advanced workshop (20.00-22.00)

A deep dive into all things slow, sleek, and serpentine. Expect lots of smooth undulations, juicy combos, and of course some crazy layering. Challenge your body and brain with Lotte’s mindblowing layering, trying to keep your snakey slinky movements whilst adding some power staccato accents.

Inspired by the apocalyptic feeling that was created by the pandemic situation and 3 months of lockdown, this workshop is all about bizarre and unconventional movement. Expect dysfunctional body parts, strange hand/arm twists, and weird expression.

Beginner workshop (18.30-19.45)

An introduction in the world of unconventional bellydance. We start by breaking down tribal fusion basics and adding some urban tutting handwork. Then we will explore our creepy side putting all these new moves into a crazy zombie inspired dance routine.

Intermediate/ advanced workshop (20.00-22.00)

Let’s feed our dance souls, shimmie our booties and layer our zombie heads. This workshop is all about adding layers of weirdness to our dance: from tutting armwork to kickbox moves. Starting from the duality of the zombie and the apocalyptic warrior, you will also be invited to use your own creativity for impro and group work. Have fun assembling your brain-eating zombie and release it in the dance studio!