TribaLeuven ROOTS 2018


TribaLeuven is back!

TribaLeuven ROOTS offers dancers to explore and touch the borders of Fusion Bellydance.


TribaLeuven ROOTS will be about, yes… ‘ROOTS’.

“Roots: Something that is an origin or source”

Our main host – MAT JACOB – is one of the most innovated dancers rooted in Tribal Fusion!

The workshops and their concepts are chosen to translate each teacher’s perspective on this theme, each with it’s own interpretation.

Together with MAT JACOB we will focus on Tribal Fusion, ITS and Movement Exploration.

And as tradition has it: we start the festival weekend with a good Yoga Flow guided by Eva Gettvertovà.

Or maybe curious about Acro Yoga? Then you have a chance to study with Saar & Ruslan (AcroContactYoga) on Sunday!


The Gala Show is replaced by HAFLA XL: a modest Saturday Night show, with an easy intimacy that a small venue offers.

Applications for performers opens soon!

The Sunday Student’s Hafla is transformed  into HAFLA XS: held in the cosy space of the dance studio we as dancers find our comfort and the connection with others.






Saturday 29th September 2018

10:30 – 12:30

13:00 – 15:00

15:30 – 17:30

Eva Gettvertovà

Mat Jacob

Mat Jacob

Dance with your breath – Vinyasa Flow

 Tribal Fusion Technique


We dedicate our Saturday morning to one of the most brilliant and powerful tools a human body can have: the breath.

This specially designed energizing Vinyasa Flow will connect your body with your mind trough the magic of the breath. It is a perfect preparation for the all the dancing that will follow in the afternoon.

Our focus will mainly be on the hips and the spine, and we go deeper into the heartopening a.k.a. backbending.

A yummy combo where you will benefit from whole day!

Opposites attract each other, for sure. Opposites can also compliment each other, especially when one has made the choice of Tribal fusion that very early teaches us to isolate different parts of the body.

So then, let’s go for it. Let’s isolate, let’s put together opposites concept taking our brains, the body’s most important organ, for a ride.

We’ll work beyond basic isolations and play with fire to introduce concepts to manipulate them: different tempos, different qualities, strengths, intentions, shapes…

Once we’ve assimilated that work, and because we are more than drilling soldiers, we will work at letting go to actually start DANCING our technique.

After teaching a few combos from level 1-3, we will play with different formations. Magic V, Stagger, Circle, Chorus Line, Double Circle, Stealing, Facing duets etc…

​Find out that even with the simplest stall movement or combo, the possibilities are endless once you start adding formations to your toolbox.

Even if you have never danced ITS, this class can work for you ! It’s fun and challenging. A great way to learn new things or start your ITS journey.






START = 20:30

 Call for Artists

TribaLeuven wants to offer a platform to all dancers, young & old, fresh & professional.

A stage where youngsters can take their first performing steps, a stage where ‘the grown-up’ dancers can stay inspired by new ways of expression inside the Tribal Fusion Box and beyond!

Whatever your experience, you’re welcome!

You can send an application by email.

The only demand is to stay faithful to this year’s theme: ‘ROOTS’



Sunday 30th September 2018

11:00 – 14:00

15:00 – 18:00

AcroContactYoga – Saar & Ruslan

Mat Jacob

Acro Movement Workshop

The Matrix: The Big Freeze

AcroYoga contains elements of Yoga, partner acrobatics, Movement, healing and arts. During this workshop you will be immersed by the endless and creative possibilities of AcroYoga in combination with Dance, Movement and Partnering!

In a playful and dynamic way you will get to know different aspects of partner work, lifts, flow and AcroYoga techniques.

‘Beginners’ who love physical challenge (preferably a background of dance, sports or yoga).
‘Beginner Plus’ people with some AcroYoga experience will not be disappointed.
The creative point of view of this workshop also opens doors for the more experienced AcroYogi.


Anybody has seen the Matrix ? It is characterized  by  its visually extreme transformation of time and space.

In this workshop we will learn how to play with time to create strong visual illusions.

Using the different planes that lay permanently around us and that are often forgotten, we will work on the concepts of being strongly unbalanced, subtly fast and firmly slow. We shall mess with time and with space.

Through several exercises, including partner work, our goal is to create interesting contrast when the moment to freeze time is upon us. Let’s  be confidentely unpredictable and intentionnaly surprising.

And let’s have fun with it all !

*Please bring socks or footies for this workshop.






START = 20:00

 Call for Artists

After a full weekend of hard work, training and dedication, we take the time to sit back and reflect.

Between the safe walls of the Dance Studio, we can release and be close to ourselves as a dancer.

During this closure Hafla we create an intimate space, open to public and fellow dancers, and invite all those who wants to share their story and vision about Tribal Fusion and it’s ROOTS.



Price per workshop



Yoga: 25€

Mat Jacob: 45€

Acro Yoga: 45€

Mat Jacob: 55€



105€ 90€

Full Weekend Package: 190€ (25€ discount)

Early Bird Package: Register before 1st of May: 10% Discount on total amount when following minimum 2 workshops (or more!) – Package Discount included!





Workshops Location

Nefertari Dance Loft

Kolonel Begaultlaan 15

3000 Leuven



Hafla XL

Vleugel F

Brusselsestraat 61A

3000 Leuven



Hafla XS

Nefertari Dance Loft

Kolonel Begaultlaan 15

3000 Leuven




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