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For 5 years we've been hosting several international stars from the Tribal Fusion scene!

TribaLeuven offered a platform to all dancers of all styles and ages, and we're very proud to say that in 5 years we felt the community of Tribal Fusion and Bellydance very much alive in Leuven!

But after 5 years we decided to not organise a yearly and big festival anymore!

From now on, several small Stages & Workshops will be hosted by TribaLeuven (Leuven) or MizkaoZ (all cities).

On this page you'll find all the info to upcoming events!

Stay inspired! 

TribaLeuven ROOTS 2018

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TribaLeuven ROOTS Hafla XL 2018

TribaLeuven 2016

Photography TribaLeuven 2019

TribaLeuven ROOTS – Hafla XL – 29/09/2018

Photography Marie Siego

Photography HéloEyes

Photography AndreiHaesenP.

TribaLeuven ROOTS – Workshops

Photography AndreiHaesenP

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