Valkyrja, a.k.a. Tiph, is a Fusion Bellydance Dancer and Yoga Teacher, based in Ghent.

A couple of years ago she joined her friend an mentor, Lotte, into the KaoZ Dance Collective for the love of fire, dance and the lust for more madness and adventures.

Multi-skilled, this gypsy soul isn’t only a circus and fire performer; behind the scenes she designs clothes and costumes, is a passionate scenographer and décor designer, a nature lover, dreamer, philanthropist and a proud mother.

It’s during recovery from a major knee injury that she discovered yoga.

It provided her an environment for healing and recovering. Two years ago she decided to extend her practice by pursuing a Yoga Teacher Training from Yoga Life.  She believes a yoga practice can be an incredible powerful part of maintaining health, both emotional and physical.

Currently teaching Yoga near Ghent.

Contact her for group classes, workshops, or a private class: