Retreat Cadiz

Vintage Fusion Bellydance

Retreat at Cadiz – 2022


Retreat postponed to 2022

Due to the unfortunate event of CoVid-19 outbreak and it’s govermental restrictions worldwide, MizkaoZ & Sarah Chebaro were forced to postpone their Vintage Tribal Fusion Retreat in March, located in Cadiz (ES)…

Sad news indeed, good news it is rescheduled for 2022!
Stay tuned as we are still planning to make some Vintage Fusion happen!!!

Thanks to the girls for staying inspired and sending us these beautiful photos in Vintage theme!!


 More info soon!


Sarah Chebaro Lotte
Her famous staccato isolations, fused with tutting arms.
Charleston & swingfootwork.
Choreografy on “Booty ‘Oriental’ Swing” by Parov Stelar.

Every morning we start with a good warm up & body conditioning.

ATS made Vintage: Lotte’s favourite snaky ATS moves turned into a nice vintage choreography!


This retreat is NOT an introduction to bellydance, so we advice our students to have a basic in bellydance/tribal fusion!

As there is this great opportunity to perform on the streets of Cadiz, any experience in bellydance technique is require (but no experience in performing needed).




During classes, we will work towards a mini street performance!

Sarah will teach a vivid vintage bellydance choreo, Lotte will teach a choreographed vintage ATS choreo!

Before start of the retreat, we will inform you what to bring (costume wise, accessory)



More info soon


New price to be announced. Students who registratie for the first edition, will have the same price when re-registering in 2022!

– Included

Dance classes

Welcome dinner

Bellydance & flamenco show Friday

– Excluded

Dinner at bellydance show Friday

Hostel – flight – local transport – food & drinks


Sarah Chebaro

Belgian belly dancer with Libanese roots, she has more then 20 years experience as a teacher and performer.

Her bellydance style is well known for her spicy staccato moves, fast spins, and her rhythmic and dynamic hips!

Her creativity and originality are representative in not only her work as a dancer, but also well seen in her choreographies (Zills ‘n Thrills, Balkan Circus) and hand made costumes.

She works as a solo artist and is a famous guest dancer with several international bands like Mahala Rai Banda, Fanfare Ciocarlia and Antwerp Gypsy Ska Orchetsra.

Sarah dedicated her life fully to dancing, her love and passion for dance are her main and only focus.

She is living a nomadic existence since 2014, travelling around on the Canary Island Tenerife and currently based in Spain.

Lotte a.k.a. MizkaoZ

Influenced by different teachers and many diverse dance styles, Lotte is finding a way to embody a style of her own.

Rock climbing addict and devoted yogi, and you can say a foodie in the vegetarian kitchen: elements that refer to a concient life style.

The capacity of the body has always been in great interest to Lotte.

Exploring her own boundaries within the dance style tribal Fusi

on are a perfect gateway for her curiosity!

“Dance, control, and let go”.

Passionated photographer and founder of the Tribal Fusion Festival TribaLeuven.

Teaching classes and workshops since September 2014.

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