About KaoZ

KaoZ was found when a troupe of tribal belly dancers and best friends started to create duets and dance choreo’s together while having a lot of fun doing so. Having the same chaotic point of view on dance and life itself, they decided to call their new project KaoZ. And they decided to entertain the world as such, but not alone¦

KaoZ is now an expanding and varying professional group of dancers, fire artists, jugglers,..Varying? Yes!

The artists within this tribe come and go as they wish. They all enjoy the freedom to be involved in a certain dance project or performance or not. So as the members fuse with each other, their dance and performance changes according to each showcase or audience.

KaoZ is delighted to spice up your event with (fire) dancers and other artists and invites you to have a taste of the out of the ordinary!

KaoZ Girls

We offer fire spectacles on your demand!

Our shows are as diverse as are our themes!

Gypsy – Gothic – Oriental Nights – Middle Ages – Cabaret & Clowns.

We can adapt to music & location, or we can offer you a customised fire show, depending on your wishes & budget!

Contact for more info & prices: info@kaozdancecollective.com


Nefertari & MizkaoZ

“Bellydance meets Fire”

Ignite the magical flame at night with a fusion of Bellydance & Fire!

In this show, passionated dancers and experienced teachers Nefertari & MizkaoZ use their skills and technique to show their love for this unique fusion of Tribal Fusion Bellydance & Fire.

Contact more for Info & Prices!


A Subtle alchemy

Magic, the origin of fire

Can you grasp fire? Can you tame your inner fire? Can you pass on fire?

This is what the three experienced fire dancers of A Subtle Alchemy investigate in their show ‘Magic, the origin of Fire’

Are you ready to be amazed?




Moving Fire Arts

Are you looking for exceptional Fire Shows, Walk Acts or Customized Entertainment for your event? Moving Fire Arts has a varied range of shows and animation acts, suitable for divers audience!

Mystic Fire Theatre and Coeur en Feu are one of those wonderful creations, check out Media on this website!



Oersprong Tribal Rites

Oersprong is a troup of fire dancers, creative minds and kindred spirits. Together, they bring spectacular foreshows to audiences and events all over Europe.

As they are very much inspired by the richness of ancient cultures and tribal societies, many of their costumes, face paintings and even parts of their show are influenced by them.

They love bringing parts of tribal rituals and traditions with them as they perform, which infuses their shows with a certain energy that is unique to this troupe.