MizkaoZ aka Lotte Liese  “Dance, control and let go”

Influenced by different teachers and many diverse dance styles, Lotte is finding a way to embody a style of her own.

Rock climbing addict and devoted yogi, and you can say a foodie in the vegetarian kitchen: elements that refer to a concient life style.

The capacity of the body has always been in great interest to Lotte.

Exploring her own boundaries within the dance style tribal Fusion are a perfect gateway for her curiosity!

Dance as a way to stay in control and let go.

Founder and organizer of TribaLeuven

Teaching classes and workshops since September 2014


On Demand

Workshops & Initiations

Solo Fire & Tribal Dance


Mizkaoz offers you tribal fusion bellydance workshops & initiations on your event.

Possible to have 2 teachers.


Spice up your (private) event or festival with a Bellydance and Fire Show.

As a solo artist she can work out a concept fitting your ideas.

Solo Act on your Wedding

Customized fire show specially for weddings!

An ode to the celebration of love, MizkaoZ brings you a serene dance and fire solo act.

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